Review: Chanel medium trick label Flap Bag

buying less, consigning more, as well as mindful costs are hot topics among the PurseBlog neighborhood ideal now. Over the last few months, I’ve written extensively about my like for consignment as well as sustainable purse shopping, as well as I’ve disclosed my personal difficulty to stay away from full-price Chanel bags.

That’s why I’m extremely ecstatic to report my most current find: A 2008 Chanel medium trick label Flap Bag in exceptional condition. I bought it a couple of months ago, in December 2019, from The RealReal. It was a bit of a risk, compared to buying on Fashionphile (which is where I discover a lot of of my consigned bags), since The RealReal barely uses returns or refunds. Luckily, this bag [turned out to be] whatever I really hoped for as well as more. Here’s whatever you requirement to know.


As with any type of traditional flap, this bag has whatever you might want out of a Chanel – the double chain-link, the quilted stitching, as well as the CC turn-lock closure. though the bag is well over 10 years old, one would never understand just by checking out it. Chanel flaps haven’t altered all as well much considering that they were very first released, which is why getting a vintage, pre-loved version is a a lot more affordable as well as sustainable choice.

As for this certain bag, the patent leather as well as hardware are completely intact. There’s light scuffing on the CC lock, however it’s barely obvious to the naked eye. The bag was provided in ‘Very Good’ condition, though I would suggest it’s ‘Excellent.’ There’s not a single scratch or scuff on the patent leather, as well as there’s barely any type of wear along the inside front flap. The lining is clean, as well as every zipper as well as chain is functional.

I understand patent leather is a bit controversial. Some have horrible experiences with the material, while others rave about it. I am grouped with the latter, as I discover this material much much easier to maintain. Regen? Geen probleem. A quick wipe as well as it looks brand-new. one more excellent addition to this bag is the ‘secret label’ aspect on the bottom. It’s barely obvious when using the bag by means of shoulder. I appreciate that it’s not as well flashy, however can still serve as a fun conversation starter.

All in all, I feel elegant when I wear the bag, even a lot more so than my grained Chanel flap. The patent leather truly pops, serving as a quick as well as simple method to raise quite much any type of attire or trip – from the supermarket to a swanky dinner.

Usability + Functionality

This is my second single flap Chanel bag, as well as after utilizing it for over three months, I can confidently state I like this style method a lot more than a double flap. It’s a pity since single flaps have been commonly discontinued. However, I discover them infinitely a lot more practical than their double flap counterparts.

Given this bag is a much older model, it lacks the double-flap that you would discover in shops today, which indicates the only method to take advantage of this type of performance is by searching for your own on the pre-loved market.

Plus, since the bag is patent leather, it makes the general shape much a lot more flexible. I can in shape a lot more into it than I can in my caviar medium double flap, even though they share the exact same shape as well as dimensions. though some would look at this as a unfavorable (the shape flattens a bit if the bag is not stuffed), I discover it a pro. I keep my bags stuffed when they’re not in utilize either way, as well as it’s great understanding I can in shape a lot more since the material is not as firm.

Otherwise, the performance is on par with all other kinds of traditional flaps on the market, both new as well as old. The only con is the back pocket, which is quite small. It doesn’t in shape my phone, which is why I knocked the score down half a point.

Quality + Construction

When the bag shown up (in its original box as well as dust bag!), it was in even much better condition than I expected! As I pointed out earlier, it was provided in ‘Very Good’ condition, nevertheless I’d state it’s virtually in ‘Excellent.’

Considering it is over a decade old, it’s comforting to understand the bag has stayed in such extraordinary condition. Of course, the previous owner(s) clearly took care of it; however, I believe it is likewise a testament to the extraordinary high quality of the bag itself.

I’ve utilized this bag tirelessly in the last three months as well as it still appears the exact same as it did when it shown up in December. That’s a remove win to me.

Price + Value

I bought this 2008 bag for $1,596 plus tax. It retailed on theRealReal for $1,995, however at the time of purchase, it was knocked down during a 20 percent off sale. a lot of budget on Chains are a lot more costly than that! In stores, medium flaps retail for $5,600 as well als UP. Ik geloof dat ik een buitengewoon aanbod op deze tas heb gekregen, met name het denken over de toestand en het opnemen van een authenticiteitskaart, doos en stofzak.


Men kan technisch gezien een winkel binnenlopen en exact dezelfde stijltas kopen (minus de trickflap) voor bijna $ 6.000. (Patentflapzakken worden momenteel aangeboden in veel Chanel -boetieks. Ik heb er een paar bekeken als vergelijkingsdoeleinden.)

Ongeacht het seizoen, de middelgrote flapzakken zijn altijd beschikbaar. Naast dat veel tassen geen investeringen zijn, doet het traditionele uiterlijk, in combinatie met zijn vlekkeloze toestand, me geloven dat het lang in stijl blijft.

Algemene beoordeling

Deze tas is snel een van mijn favorieten geworden, en ik heb geen twijfel dat hij veel maanden (of zelfs top drie) in mijn top vijf zal blijven (en mogelijk jaren!). Als ik een middelgrote patentflap voor de volledige prijs had gekocht, geloof ik dat ik me zorgen zou maken over het gebruik ervan en ontevreden zijn dat ik al dat geld aan een tas had uitgegeven. Inzicht dat ik een tas heb gescoord die voor ongeveer drievoudige de prijs, in combinatie met zijn toestand, een zware overwinning is in mijn boek.

Op dit moment geloof ik dat als je hart op Chanel is afgezet, het bijna altijd zinvol is om de voorgeliefde route te volgen. Kijk je op dit moment op elk type voor geliefde tassen?

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